Dustless vs Conventional Sandblasting

Dustless Blasting vs Conventional Blasting

Since the introduction of our dustless blast pots, the frequent question of “Which method is better: dustless blasting or conventional blasting?” has been asked. We usually get a strange look when we reply with this unusual answer – neither! It is not possible to compare two methods of abrasive blasting when they have each been designed for separate, specific purposes.

dustless vs conventional

Dustless blasting operates on a water blast principle and was developed as a result of increased health and safety constraints. Operators needed an affordable way to control dust levels other than spending large amounts of money on inefficient dust extractors. When paired with the correct abrasive, our dustless blast pots are able to eliminate up to 95% of dust, reducing health and safety risks for both the user and surrounding areas. Dustless blast pots are now the most economic form of dust control. Dustless blast pots also eliminate the need for a water trap and after-cooler within the blast setup, eliminating moisture complications. When paired with the correct rust inhibitor, dustless blast pots help extend the coating window period by up to 72 hours. The right rust inhibitor will also remove oil, grease and salts including nitrates, phosphates, chlorides and sulphates.

Dustless blasting is the perfect solution to improving health and safety, as well as removing oil, grease and salts; however, it does have its own set of cons. Dustless blasting has proven to be 4-15% slower than conventional blasting, resulting in increased grit consumption. The addition of the necessary rust inhibitor has also made dustless blasting up to 10% more expensive than conventional, dry blasting.

Old-fashioned, conventional blasting continues to be the desired method of blasting in terms of efficiency and price. Conventional blasting is up to 15% faster than dustless blasting and offers the alternative of double chamber blast pots which, in turn, are 35% faster than single chamber conventional blast pots.

Although they are fast and economic, when it comes to prioritising health and safety, conventional blast pots are a no-no! (Unless your budget allows for costly alternative methods of dust control)


From this you can now see why we simply cannot compare dustless and conventional blasting methods. Your selection will simply depend on what you prioritise most.

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