Longer = Faster! – New 13mm Venturi Nozzle Design

Blast up to 30% faster than your competitors!

Nozzle design is a crucial component in determining sandblasting performance. It is at the nozzle that abrasives are accelerated. From this it is easy to understand that the longer the nozzle the greater the acceleration of abrasives.Storm Machinery’s latest 13mm venturi nozzle design is 94% longer, enabling it to perform 15 – 30% faster than its opponents!

Storm Machinery’s nozzle design also caters for a larger 32mm inlet port. Compared to the opposition’s 25mm inlet port, the new Storm nozzle significantly reduces abrasive hinderence, resulting in 15 – 30% more production per day!


Storm Design
Storm Nozzle Design
Opposition Design
The extra cost of the additional tungsten carbide required for the longer nozzle is already recovered within the first day of use and continues to save money throughout its lifespan.


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