Make your blast hose last longer

Make Your Blast Hose Last Longer!

The length of time that blast hose lasts is dependent on two factors – abrasive resistance and proper sizing.

1. Abrasive Resistance

Abrasive resistance is determined by the composition of the tube (the inner layer) of the blast hose. It is measured in mm³. The lower the reading (mm³), the greater the abrasive resistance!

Storm Blast Hose Abrasive Resistance = 50mm³

Opposition Blast Hose Abrasive Resistance = 70mm³


Blast Hose

2. Proper Sizing

Always ensure that your blast hose is 3-4 times the size of your blast nozzle.

If the blast hose is too small, the speed of the abrasive flow will be too high and cause premature wear. Likewise, if the hose is too big, the abrasive flow will cause pulsation and reduce performace by up to 15%.



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