Dry Blast Pots

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Sandblasting with dry blast pots have proven to be up to date the most economic and efficient method of abrasive blasting/sandblastling for a wide variety of applications. Old-fashioned, conventional/dry blasting continues to be the desired method of blasting in terms of efficiency and price. Conventional/dry blasting is up to 15% faster than dustless blasting and offers the alternative of double chamber blast pots which, in turn, are 35% faster than single chamber conventional blast pots.

Dry blast pots are easy to operate with their simple pneumatic setup. Storm Machinery’s dry blast pots are robust and durable being manufactured by the highest quality materials. All Storm sandblasting pots are pressure tested. Storm Machinery’s sandblasting pots can be easily moved and re-located from site to site. 60L and 100L can be used for both industrial and commercial applications.


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