Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

Storm Machinery has a wide variety of personal protection equipment to ensure that operators remain protected while performing to the best of their abilities.

Our range of personal protection equipment consists of the following:

Sandblasting helmets / sandblast helmets / blast helmets 

An air-fed helmet should provide the operator with regulated breathing air, protect the operator’s head and face from rebounding abrasive impacts, and muffle noise. It is also important that the helmet does not restrict the blaster’s view.

Sandblasting suits / blast suits

Storm Machinery’s Blast Suits are high quality, flexible, denim blast suits that provide protection from deflected particulate matter. Storm’s blast suits come complete with reflective tape which helps ensure the visibility of the blaster. Blast suits are fitted with a Velcro strap as well as ankle and wrist tighteners to ensure a comfortable and secure fit.

Sandblasting gloves / blast gloves

Storm Machinery’s blast gloves are high quality, elbow-length, leather blast gloves.

Spray painting suits / spray suits

Storm Machinery’s paint suit is an economic, lightweight paint suit that can be used for a variety of painting applications. It is a simple, one-piece unit and is expendable.

Spray painting socks / spray socks / spray painting mask / spray mask

The Spray Sock is a light, cool, cotton spray mask and is expendable.

Spray painting helmets / spray helmets

The Standard Painter’s Helmet is a well-priced, air-fed helmet used for a variety of painting applications.

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