Decorative Spray Pumps and Equipment (Roof, Wall and Floor Coatings)

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Storm Machinery’s range of decorative spray pumps is suitable for roof coatings, floor coatings and wall coatings.

Common types of decorative spraying coatings include PVA (Polyvinyl Acetate), styren acrylic, pure acrylic paint, modified acrylic paint, latex (including waterproofing and liquid rubber), emulsion (latex), etch primers, DTM direc to to metal steel coat, water based enamel, QD paint (quick dry), Bonding liquid, varnish, waterproofing with grinded rubber particles, and texture spray (mica and marble).

Our range includes electric airless spray pumps, petrol airless spray pumps, specialized spray rollers, as well as specialized quality control equipment.

Our experience sales engineers will be able to guide you on determining which equipment is best for your unique application

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