Airless Spray Guns

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Storm Machinery’s range of airless spray guns can be used for a industrial as well as fine-finish applications.

Airless spray systems provides higher production rates than conventional air spray systems because the airless method delivers more material at a faster rate. It should be recognized that both methods have their limitations as well as advantages. Airless spray equipment can only spray coatings which will atomize into droplets of uniform size without the added force of compressed air. Certain mastics, vinyls and chlorinated rubber coatings will not atomize evenly when using airless spray systems.

Advantages of airless spray

  • Production speed
  • Lower overspray
  • Greater transfer efficiency

Disadvantages of airless spray

  • Injection hazard – safety precautions must be followed!

Airless spray equipment operates between 600 and 1200 psi. This can drive the fluids you are spraying through your body at an excess of 600 feet per second. It is crucial that only skilled personal operate airless equipment and that all safety precautions are adhered to.

Selecting the correct airless spray guns and tip are crucial in achieving your specific goals (spray pattern size and range of atomization). Different spray guns operate at different maximum pressures and need to be correctly paired to a coating.

Storm Machinery is a representative of world-renowned TriTech spray guns. Tritech spray guns. TriTech offers innovative, high-quality spray equipment products that are developed and manufactured behind a management team that has over 100 years of combined experience in the professional spray equipment industry.

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