200L Hydro Blast Pot

High production, portable blast pot used for industrial blasting.

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The 200L Blast Pot is a high production, portable blast pot used for industrial blasting. When paired with the correct components it can be used a either a dry or wet blast pot.


60L 100L and 200L Blast Pot Specifications

Hydro Blast Pots

Storm’s Hydro Blast Pots operate on a water blast principle and have proven to be the most economic method of dust control!

Achieve your required surface profile while still complying to health and safety regulations.

Eliminate up to 95% of dust!

Improve health and safety by reducing the risk of inhaling dust and softening deflected particulate matter.

Eliminate after coolers and water traps

Storm’s Hydro Blast Pots operate on a water blast principle, eliminating water traps and aftercoolers.

No additional skilled operators required

Storm’s Hydro Blast Pots have proven to be very user friendly! A wide variety of abrasives can be used.

Extend coating application window

Retard rust for up to 72 hours and increase the window period between blasting and painting with the addition of a rust inhibitor.

Removes oil, grease and salts

Remove oil, grease and salts with the addition of a rust inhibitor. Eliminate additional rinsing and de-greasing.


Water Consumption

8mm nozzle = 1.5 – 2 lpm

10mm nozzle = 2-3 lpm

13mm nozzle = 2.4 – 4 lpm


Holdtight Rust Inhibitor

The use of a rust inhibitor is essential when using blast pots that operate on a water principle blast.

Holdtight rust inhibitor is a non-hazardous, non-flammable, biodegradable additive that produces the following advantages:

  • Removes non-visible salts including nitrates, sulphates, chlorides and phosphates
  • Removes oil and grease
  • Prevents rusting for up to 48 hours!
  • Raises the PH of blasting water to  compensate for acidic abrasives

Holdtight Rust Inhibitor

Macro Metering Valve

A Macro Metering Valve is the only grit valve that can be used in conjunction with a hydro blast pot.

A macro metering valve is an advanced, pneumatically operated metering valve used for exceptionally accurate measurement of abrasive flow and grit consumption.

Macro Metering Valve

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