60L Dry Blast Pot Remote

Conventional, abrasive blasting is the most economic form of surface preparation to date. Choose from a variety of blast pots specifically suited to your unique applications.


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The 60L Dry Blast Pot is a single chamber dry blast pot that provides the most economic, convenient and manageable form of abrasive blasting and can be used for a variety of industrial and commercial applications.

Conventional Blast Pots Nozzles and Hose Specs

60L 100L and 200L Blast Pot Specifications

Easy to Operate

Simple pneumatic setup ensures easy operation.

Robust & Mobile

Ease of use from site to site. Pots can be easily moved and re-located.


60L/100L blast pots can be used for commercial as well as industrial applications.

Safe & Reliable

All pots are pressure tested and manufactured with only high quality materials.

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