Agitated Diaphragm Pump (DP5)

Double diaphragm pump specially designed to directly transfer paint from a bucket to a spray gun. Complete with agitator.

Non-pressurized spray pumps!

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The Agitated Diaphragm Pump (DP5) has been specially designed to fit over 20 L / 25 L paint buckets from which it pneumatically transfers paint to a spray gun. The DP5 is able to handle all paints including zincs and oxides.

The DP5 comes complete with an agitator which helps to suspend the particles within the paint itself.


Ratio: 1:1

Delivery: 28 LPM

Working pressure: Up to 7 Bar

Variable speed can be set on agitator

Diaphragm Pump Series

Easy to operate

Fits directly over 20/25L paint bucket. Cover lid seals out dust!

Spray high volume solids

DP pumps are robust and able to handle all paints including zincs and oxides.

Easy to flush & clean

DP pumps can be easily flushed with solvents, reducing cleaning time.

Increase productivity

DP pumps are capable of running two spray guns simultaneously!


DP5 – complete with agitator

DP3 – without agitator

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