Airless Paint Sprayer – Storm SX Spray Pumps

High volume, high volume solids, airless spray pump. Ideal for industrial applications.

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A Storm SX Spray Pump is an airless paint sprayer that sprays high volume, high volume solids coatings. Because of their high volume output, they are ideal for industrial applications.

Improve production

With a greater transfer efficiency, production is significantly improved.


With fewer parts, SX Airless Spray Pumps require less maintenance and are more reliable.

Durable & robust

An improved robust design and dynamic air motor ensure that SX Airless Spray Pumps perform and last.

Spray high volume solids

SX Airless Spray Pumps are ideal for industrial applications and can spray up to 100% volume solids!

Reduce downtime

Significantly reduce downtime with improved anti-icing design and robust changeover.

sx table

airless paint sprayer
Compact and Robust Changeover Design

The new SX airless paint sprayer has an innovative, compact and robust changeover design complete with a regulator and safety silencer, earth cable and safety valve.

New SX Spray Pump Back

Changeover Switch

Easily accessible switch located directly behind pump enables greater assistance is a changeover is required.

Changover Switch

Improved Anti-Freeze Design!

The new SX Spray Pump has been innovatively designed so that the exhaust is no longer part of the air motor. This new anti-freeze mechanism guarantees performance and reliability, ensuring that the SX Spray Pump outperforms any competitors in its class!

Anti Freeze


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