Hydro Injection Blast Pot Kit

Innovative dustless blast pot kit that significantly improves control over water useage.

Eliminate dust, oils, grease and salts while still achieving your specified surface profile
Download Hydro Injection Kit Brochure

Download Dustless Blast Pot Range Brochure


The Hydro Injection Kit accurately injects water into the stream of air  and abrasives, giving the operator complete control over water useage, eliminating up to 98% of dust on virgin abrasives and enabling the use of fine abrasives such as aluminum oxide, glass beads, garnet and crushed nuts.

Blast with fine abrasives

The Hydro Injection principle is ideal for the use of fine abrasives including aluminum oxide & glass beads.

Precise control over water useage

Water is injected into the stream of air and abrasives, giving the operator complete control over the water supply

Eliminate up to 98% of dust on virgin abrasives

Health and safety is improved even more!


The Hydro Injector kit is interchangeable with any blast pot setup (manual and remote) and operate any size Storm XP nozzle

Easy to operate

The Hydro Injector kit is light, easy to install and takes only 15 minutes to setup.

Surface dries in seconds!

Because of the reduced water consumption, the blasted surface now dries in seconds!

Kit consists of:

  1. Delivery Pump10:1 ratio
    Stlainless steel lower and regulatorHydro Injection Kit Pump
  2. Hose and FittingsAir hose
    Delivery hose
    Y-piece spray chamber with spray tip and all relevant connecting fittingsHydro Injection Kit Hoses
  3. 200L Drum & LidInlet for delivery pump
    Lid flap for water supply and rust inhibitorHydro Injection Kit Drum

Water Consumption

15 -120 litres per hour
Air consumption:
6 – 20 CFM

Holdtight Rust Inhibitor

The use of a rust inhibitor is essential when using blast pots that operate on a water principle blast.

Holdtight rust inhibitor is a non-hazardous, non-flammable, biodegradable additive that produces the following advantages:

Removes non-visible salts including nitrates, sulphates, chlorides and phosphates

Removes oil and grease

Prevents rusting for up to 48 hours!

Raises the PH of blasting water to  compensate for acidic abrasives

Holdtight Rust Inhibitor

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