Venturi Blast Nozzles XP

Extremely effective blast nozzle designed to aid the acceleration of abrasives.

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Venturi nozzles are the most popular blast nozzles, designed with a shape that aids the acceleration of abrasives. Venturi nozzles are made up of an aluminum sleeve with a urethane jacket which acts as a seal.

XP Venturi Nozzles have an inner liner made out of tungsten carbide. The design of the long venturi has been enhanced for optimal performance. This nozzle will outperform a standard long venturi nozzle by at least 40% if not more. Used in hydro blasting to compensate for loss in performance due to water tension or on tough coatings and heavy corrosion. The weight of the nozzle is 3 times the weight of a standard venturi nozzle. The cost saving in the performance of this nozzle could be covered in the first 3-5 days of blasting


Thread size: 50 mm



Nozzle Consumption  Helmet Consumption  Total Consumption   50% Compressor Reserve



6.5mm +-84 cfm +-15 cfm +- 100 cfm 150 cfm


8mm +-134 cfm +-15 cfm +-150 cfm 225 cfm


9.5mm +- 200 cfm +-15 cfm +- 215 cfm 323 cfm


11mm +-254 cfm +-15 cfm +-270 cfm 405 cfm


12.5mm +- 338 cfm +-15 cfm +- 335 cfm 503 cfm


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