Vinyl Blast Helmet

Economic, air-fed blast helmet. Ideal for on-site blasting.

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The Vinyl Blast Helmet is a well-priced, air-fed helmet that is generally used for outdoor blasting. It has an adequate viewing area and comes complete with an integrated cape, providing further protection for the shoulders, chest and back.

Complies with SABS Standards.

Replacement blast helmet visors available.

An air-fed helmet should provide the operator with regulated breathing air, protect the operator’s head and face from rebounding abrasive impacts, and muffle noise. It is also important that the helmet does not restrict the blaster’s view.

Air supplied to helmets must be clean, dry and un-contaminated .It must be filtered to remove oil mist, water vapour, odours and particles larger than 0.5 microns. Please note that breathing filters will not remove carbon monoxide. A brief exposure to high concentrations of CO can be harmful.

View our operator’s breathing filter.



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