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  • Efficient Sandblasting Setup
    Starting with your first sandblasting project can initially be overwhelming. We have tried to simplify the setup for you in the image below to give you an idea of what an efficient sandblasting setup should look like.   1. Air Compressor Abrasive blasting equipment demands more from a compressor than any other air-driven tool. Compressor …

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  • Surface Profile vs Surface Cleanliness
    Surface profile (anchor pattern) and degree of cleanliness are the two important factors to take into consideration when preparing surfaces for a coating. Both are critical to the performance of any coating system. Whilst often mistaken as being one in the same, it is very important to know the difference between these two measurements. Coating …

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  • How to Select an Airless Spray Pump
    Airless spray pumps were designed as the ever-growing need for transfer efficiency increased. Airless spray pumps have proven to be extremely versatile, being able to spray both industrial coatings as well as fine-finish coatings. . As the range of airless spray pumps continues to develop and expand, it is becoming more and more challenging to …

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  • Coating Thickness Gauges – which one will suit your application?
    Coating Thickness Measurement by David Beamish, DeFelsko Corporation Coating thickness is an important variable that plays a role in product quality, process control, and cost control. Measurement of film thickness can be done with many different instruments. Understanding the equipment that is available for film thickness measurement and how to use it is useful to …

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  • What is Airless Spray?
    Airless spray painting is a term commonly confused and compared with/to different forms of conventional spray painting. Simply put, airless spray is the process of atomizing paint with pressure. With conventional spray, air is injected into the spray cap to atomize the paint. The conventional spray gun then needs to be setup and adjusted in …

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  • Ensuring Blast Hose Safety
    As mentioned in one of our previous blogs, blast hose is consists of 3 main components; an inner tube, braiding (reinforcement) and an outer cover. Despite its wear resistant compound, the inner tube of blast hose is prone to wear over time. Some tubes have better wear resistance than others. Once the inner tube is …

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  • Spray tips – How to choose the right size
    Selecting the correctly sized spray tip is an important process in ensuring the success of your application. Although initially it can seem quite confusing, once you understand a few simple details the process becomes a lot easier.
  • Dustless Blasting vs Conventional Blasting
    Since the introduction of our dustless blast pots, the frequent question of “Which method is better: dustless blasting or conventional blasting?” has been asked. We usually get a strange look when we reply with this unusual answer – neither! It is not possible to compare two methods of abrasive blasting when they have each been …

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  • Compressors – What size will you need for sandblasting?
      For beginners, abrasive blasting (sandblasting) can initially seem quite overwhelming. A new operator is immediately bombarded with jargon related to air compressors, nozzle sizes, grit selection etc. Before you get too caught up in the more extensive setup of abrasive blasting, it is vital to take a step back and look at the first …

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  • Make Your Blast Hose Last Longer!
    The length of time that blast hose lasts is dependent on two factors – abrasive resistance and proper sizing.
  • Longer = Faster! – New 13mm Venturi Nozzle Design
    Blast up to 30% faster than your competitors! Nozzle design is a crucial component in determining sandblasting performance. It is at the nozzle that abrasives are accelerated. From this it is easy to understand that the longer the nozzle the greater the acceleration of abrasives.Storm Machinery’s latest 13mm venturi nozzle design is 94% longer, enabling it …

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