Selecting Spray Tips

Spray tips – How to choose the right size

Selecting the correctly sized spray tip is an important process in ensuring the success of your application. Although initially it can seem quite confusing, once you understand a few simple details the process becomes a lot easier.The selection of a spray tip depends on two elements – the orifice (hole size) and the angle (fan width) of the spray tip. The best place to start will be to look at the data sheet of the product you have chosen to spray. The data sheet will recommend what the orifice of the spray tip should be. The orifice size is measured in inches.

Our TriTech airless spray tips are named with a three number sequence – 000. The last two numbers in the sequence indicate the size of the tip’s orifice in inches.


017 – 17” (inches)

023 – 23”

029 – 29”

It is important to note that the larger the orifice size, the thicker the spread rate.

Spray tip orifice

It is the responsibility of the operator to select the correct angle (fan width) of the spray tip in accordance with his specific application. We recommend an angle of between 10-30 degrees for structural steel applications and an angle of between 40-80 degrees for flat surfaces. The operator also needs to take into consideration that the wider the angle is, the thinner the spread rate will be; the narrower the angle is, the thicker the spread rate.

The first number in the Tritech number sequence specifies the spray angle of the tip. The first number is multiplied by 10 in order to determine the degree of the angle.


117 – 10° (degrees)

217 – 20°

517 – 50°

Spray tip angles

Another important factor to keep in mind is the wear of the spray tip. When a spray tip starts to wear, the angle (fan width) gets narrower, causing the spread rate to be thicker. Many operators make the mistake of wasting large amounts of paints because their spray tips are worn. With paint being the most expensive part of any application, this is definitely a mistake you want to avoid. Made of mega-hard tungsten carbide, TriTech spray tips last up to 75% longer than other spray tips, which is why they are the only range of airless spray tips that will leave our doors.

Spray tip wear

Selecting the correct size spray tip and monitoring its wear makes a huge difference in the outcome of an application. The spray tip is the smallest part of your airless setup, and yet it plays one of the largest roles.

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