Rapid Paint Removal – RPR 1032

Fast, safe, clean and silent paint removal method. Small and lightweight. Ideal for removing coatings up to 6mm.

Leading alternative to abrasive blasting!

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Highlights of the RPR 1032 RPR 1032 Power Requirements
  • Small and lightweight
  • Ideal for removing coating up to 6 mm
  • Standard cable length for handheld transformer is 15 m
  • Easily removable carriage (24 kg) included
  • Outlet socket for remote control panel
  • External water filter and pressure regulator
  • Touch screen control panel
  • 5 m fixed power cable
  • Integrated capacitor box
  • Exchangeable zipper-locked cable sleeve in Kevlar


RPR 1032 Transformer

The Rapid Paint Removal Induction Disbonder has become the leading alternative to conventional and dustless blasting!

With the ever increasing laws regarding health and safety, standard abrasive blasting has been confined to closed off areas, restricting contractors with their operations.

The Rapid Paint Removal Induction Disbonder has proven to be the most cost effecient alterative to abrasive blasting and does not compromise the health of the operators or the environment.

The induction disbonder works on the principle of induction. The resistance of the generated eddy current is turned into heat on the surface of the substrate which, in turn, causes the bonding to break. The coating is then removed entirely without disintegrating and completely free from contaminating agents, i.e. blast media. This makes disposal and recycling of waste easier and cheaper.

RPR Control Panels and Cables


Environmentally friendly

The Induction Disbonder removes asbestos, lead and toxic coatings without compromising the health of the operators or the environment.

No dust.

No noise.

75 % energy reduction.

Minimum waste management.

Excellent safety record.

Cost Efficient

With a minimum power consumption, even the thickest and hardest coatings must surrender.

The Induction Disbonder is up to 10 times faster than conventional methods of blasting (depending on the coating).

Work day and night shifts without disturbing the neighbours.

Plug & play – Compact unit that is easy to transport and install anywhere.

Elimminates confinement


Contractors and facility owners can now work in the following areas without causing disturbances and contamination:

Bridges in city centers and river crossings

Areas of power plants, control rooms and confined spaces

Offshore installations

Pipelines that cross protected and sensitive nature

Ideal for removing:
Coatings up to 6 mm 

For more information visit www.rprtech.com.

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