Storm 100 Blast Helmet – Air Cooled

High-quality blast helmet designed to comply with increasing health and safety regulations.

Complies with CE and ISO standards.

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Complies with CE and ISO Standards.

Improved comfort

The Storm 100 blast helmet is lightweight and comes complete with an air cooling tube, minimizing operators fatigue and improving safety. Operators line of sight is also improved with a larger visor.

ISO 9001:2015/CE Compliant

Manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and CE conformities, the Storm 100 complies with ever increasing health and safety regulations. Ensure that grade D air is supplied through a 3-stage filter to the operator (Storm OBF filter).

Easy Maintenance

Easily hang the Storm 100 blast helmet by its storage ring. Cape is detachable for washing/replacing.Easily and quickly replace outer visor.

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