Spray Painting

Storm Machinery offers a variety of spray painting equipment for all industrial and commercial applications including airless spray pumps, electric spray pumps, petrol petrol spray pumps, plural proportioner spray pumps, conventional plural spray equipment as well as a variety of airless spray guns and tips, hoses, paint mixers and paint hose. Storm Machinery also now offers a range of decorative spray equipment for roofs, walls and floors. Spray painting pumps also referred to as airless paint sprayers, airless spray machines and airless spray equipment.

Airless painting equipment ensures immense production for large industrial applications. Airless spray painting pumps use pressure, instead of air, to atomize paint. Airless spray pumps are multipurpose and used for a wide variety of coatings, including interior and exterior jobs, and are easily transported between job sites. Storm Machinery provides both pneumatic airless equipment and electric airless equipment.

Conventional painting equipment offers a finer finish for smaller industrial applications. Conventional painting equipment uses compressed air to atomize paint.

Storm Machinery’s range of hydraulic and air driven plural spray proportioners are recommended for both commercial and industrial spraying of foam, polyurea, polyurethane and other fast curing, two component coatings. Storm Machinery is a proud representative of world-renowned Polyurethane Machinery Corporation proportioners.  Made in America, PMC plural spray proportioners have become distinguished by their pressure balance control, lightweight and compact designs, simple disassembly and maintenance, and advanced mixing/pattern development. Accompanying the pumps are the high-quality PMC purge guns and high pressure braided heated hose. Applications for this range of plural proportioners includes foam spray, pour foam, waterproofing, roofing, concrete and membrane spray.

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