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  About Us

With over 25 years of experience and outlets in all major cities, Storm Machinery has established itself as an innovative supplier of abrasive blasting and spray painting equipment in South Africa. Having started as a small, one man operation in Kwazulu Natal, Storm Machinery has expanded into an international brand that supplies the following equipment:

Blast Pots

Conventional Spray Painting Equipment

Airless Spray Painting Equipment

Polyurethane & Foam Sprayers

Personal Protection Equipment

Rapid Paint Removal

Air Treatment Units

Inspection Equipment


Storm Machinery prides itself in its vast range of products.

Blast Pots

Abrasive blasting (sandblasting) is the fastest and most economic way to remove rust, mill scale and other surface defects. Storm Machinery’s blast pots are known for their reliability and versatility. Storm Machinery supplies a variety of single and double chamber blast pots, as well as a full range of blast components including blast hose, blast nozzles, remote control valves, deadmans handles and internal pipe blasters.


Airless Spray Painting

Airless spray painting equipment ensures immense production for large industrial applications. Storm Machinery offers a range of airless spray pumps, airless spray guns and airless spray tips, as well as two-component / plural spray pumps.


Conventional Spray Painting

Conventional spray painting equipment offers a finer finish for smaller industrial applications.



Correct abrasive / grit selection is crucial in achieving desired surface profile.


Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

Storm Machinery has a wide variety of personal protection equipment including blast suits/overalls, blast helmets, spray helmets and breathing filters.


Inspection Equipment

Storm Machinery is a proud representative of world-renowned DeFelsko inspection equipment including coating thickness gauges (DFT gauges), surface profile gauges, dew point meters, salt testers, adhesion testers, hardness testers and inspection kits.


Blast Cabinets

Blast cabinets, also known as glass blasters, provide a means of enclosed blasting and can be used for commercial as well as industrial blasting.



Storm Machinery’s range of hydraulic and air driven proportioners are recommended for both commercial and industrial spraying of foam, polyurea, polyurethane and other fast curing, two component coatings.

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